• Tattooing minors in Kansas City is prohibited.

  • Body piercings can be performed on persons under the age of 18 years with proper documentation and parental consent.

    • Children between the ages of 5 to 12 years of age may get their ear lobes pierced with parental consent and a birth certificate, parents will also need their government or state issued ID, please contact Cara by e-mail to set up an appointment for your child's ear lobe piercings at piercingsbycara@gmail.com

    • Ages 13 & 14 years may get their helix pierced with a birth certificate, parental consent and parents' state or government issued ID.

    • Ages 15 to 17 years may get any body piercings they would like (excluding genitals and nipples) with parental consent, birth certificate, parents' state or government issued ID, and the minor must also have an ID (school IDs are also accepted for minors in this age range).

Tattooing FAQ

Shop Minimum: $60
Hourly Rate: $100-120/hr

Walk-ins are welcome! If you would like to price out a tattoo, have a consultation or set up an appointment, we recommend coming in to the shop in person. It's very difficult to price out a tattoo over the phone or by e-mail.

piercings & Jewelry

Because of the variety in piercing type and jewelry size, this may be something better discussed over the phone or in person. Generally, our piercings range anywhere from $30-70 dollars for one piercing, dependent on body part and jewelry style.

Most piercings are walk-in only, children's earlobes are the only exception. To set up an appointment for your child to get their lobes pierced please e-mail Cara directly at piercingsbycara@gmail.com